Online Blackjack School - lesson 1

casino table gameBlackjack is a casino table game with a very small house edge when played with a basic strategy. The basic strategy is strictly mathematical in the decisions to stand, hit, double or split pairs. This strategic way of playing leaves no room for hunches or playing by feel. A basic way of playing Blackjack means that the player is always making the percentage play on any hand that is dealt. Some times it is hard to make the percentage play when it seems to be losing all of the time. The decision to be a percentage player is the only way to beat the game over an extended number of hands. The only reason to play Blackjack is to make money and this method is the best way to do it and not depend on a run of luck to win. When card counting is added to the strategy the odds can actually favor the player. Of course the player must be adept at this advanced way of playing the game.

When playing a single deck game the strategy is different than in a game with an eight-deck shoe. The multiple deck game has more cards that can make a hand that needs to be hit when holding a breakable hand. This works to the dealers favor over time if the deck is rich in low cards like a fives. The rules for playing Blackjack vary from casino to casino depending on the number of cards in the deck and the house rules that govern the game. Make sure you know the house rules where the game is being dealt.

playing strategyThe playing strategy depends of the two cards dealt to the player and the card showing in the dealerís hand. These rules can be committed to memory and whether to stand, hit, double down or split a pair. The action will depend on the dealers show card and the two cards the player is holding. These Blackjack strategy rules of card playing can be found on many Blackjack strategy sites on the Internet. Just put Blackjack strategy into any search engine and then go to the sites that come up as results of the search. There are several sites that will teach the standing and hitting strategy.

The total of the playerís hand coupled with the dealers show card can be made into simple statements that are easy to remember once they are read over and over. As an example lets assume that the playerís cards add up to eight and the dealer is showing a seven. The playing rules would suggest that the player hits that card combination on any number showing When to hit a number and when to let if stand is the secret to winning blackjack. Follow a set of strategy cards to the letter and the percentages will work out for the player in the long run and also cut down the house edge to as little as possible. Remember that percentages not luck will determine if you win or lose in the long run.

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