Online Blackjack School - lesson 10

emotional or mental sideThe emotional or mental side of the game must met head on in order to be a good card counter and therefore a solid Blackjack player. If a player only really plays (multiple hands) when the True Count is 1.25 or better the expected win per hand is about fifteen cents per hour. At sixty hands and hour this means a win of about $9. At 120 hands per hour the win jumps to $18 Of course the risk goes up even though there is a player edge. The player must face this possibility, but count on the edge over time to make them a winner. Over 100 sessions this will be the likely case if the hand count is increased when the deck is this favorable. It comes down to the mental approach that the expectation of winning is based on a group of percentage plays that can be detected at different times in the playing of the deck or the shoe.

When the situation favors the player, the player should endeavor to play more hands if possible and not just increase the bet on one hand. For this reason the time to play is during the dog hours of the night or early morning in most casinos. The tables are less likely to be full and extra hands can be played at will. This also accounts for the reality that wins in Blackjack seem to come in bunches and not in a long series of wins. The truth of the matter is you will win over time, but you just do not know when. Losing streaks beget winning streaks so be optimistic about the outcome. On the other hand be aware that losing streaks end a winning streak. The point of this is both situations will happen. Losing sessions happen Be ready for both and react according to the basic strategy and not your emotions or poor mental preparation. Losing sessions happen about 35% of the time, so winning sessions make up the balance of the time or 65% of the total sessions played.

So part of the mental approach is that the winning will happen, the problem is you do not know exactly when it will happen. Be assured that this system is a winner if played as described and not letting the inevitable losses cloud the winning perspective. The only objective to this way of playing and counting is that the rules be followed, the bets made and the emotions kept in check. This simple set of principals is all that is needed to let the system bring in the money to your account. How much money is a matter of the stake that is available and the number of hands that the deck will allow a player to play when it is in a favorable configuration. Play correctly and be patient waiting for the right time to play aggressively.

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