Online Blackjack School - lesson 11

Blackjack can be beatenBlackjack can be beaten, but the game that is most favorable to the player is the one that the player should try to find and then play. The rule changes in the live casinos vary by local and are critically important to where to play and the opportunities that the play may give the player. Avoiding playing in low percentage games is ample reason to play and take a walk if the game does not allow for solid situations for the player. Percentage play is far different than out right gambling. The odds must favor the player to make the percentages tolerable and playable. Early shuffling of a deck with two or more decks of cards is not a favorable Blackjack game to play. If the cut card in the shoe is routinely placed near the front of the shoe, the house edge is hard to overcome as the hands will be cut short by the early shuffle. This simple fact can make counting cards at such a table an exercise in frustration as the play can be ended just when a deck becomes vulnerable to the player. This is none as low penetration of the shoe. The game that you want to play in is where the cut card is place closer to the end of the shoe. High penetration is the ideal shoe to play. Penetration should be about 65% or better or pas on the game and try to find a dealer that cuts the shoe above 65%.

Another game rule

Another game rule is to stop playing when the count is below minus one. You could still win, but the house edge is way out of line for a percentage player. The ideal is to play as many hands as you can when the decks favor the player and the above condition is a waste of playing time and even dangerous to the stake.

So to restate the system of play, find tables that seem to set up the game, as you would like to see it at the outset of the shoe. Do not play if the count is too negative. Only increase the hands when the play is in the favor of the players. Add to the hands played and not just increasing a single hand bet. If these basic rules are followed, the chances of winning are increased when the shoe favors the players.

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