Online Blackjack School - lesson 14

Online Blackjack SchoolWhen to hit or stand with any hand against other hands is the decision that makes or breaks winning at Blackjack. Knowing what to do and when is the secret to using card counting to its most efficient capability. The Basic Strategy covers most situations except when the six-deck count is at an extreme plus or minus. At that time variations of the strategy come into play. A hand of 15 or 16 against a ten is one of the most common situations that vary depending on the count. Obviously if the deck were rich in face cards, standing would be the best decision. If the count is a severe minus, the deck is rich in low cards and the decision would be to stand. These decisions actually make a player look like a regular player without any special knowledge of the game. In fact, the player may look like an idiot when making some of these correct plays based on the count. The basic strategy is used when the deck in neutral and is played with variations when the deck is a high plus or a very low minus. The reason is very obvious when one thinks about he makeup of the remaining cards in the shoe.

Basic strategy variations are shown based on the player hand and the count.

12 vs. 2 Stand at 3 or higher
12 vs. 3 Stand at 2 or higher
12 vs. 4 Stand at 0 or higher (Yes, if the running count is at all minus, you hit 12 against a 4.It drives the other players at the table crazy!!!)
12 vs. 5 Stand at -1 or higher (This means you hit if the count is LOWER than -1)
13 vs. 2 Stand at -1 or higher
14 vs. Ace Stand at 9 or higher
15 vs. 7 Stand at 10 or higher
15 vs. 8 Stand at 10 or higher
15 vs. 9 Stand at 8 or higher
15 vs. 10 Stand at 4 or higher
15 vs. Ace Stand at 5 or higher
16 vs. 7 Stand at 9 or higher
16 vs. 8 Stand at 7 or higher
16 vs. 9 Stand at 5 or higher
16 vs. 10 Stand at 0 or higher
16 vs. Ace Stand at 3 or higher

Stand with A-7 against Ace at 1 or higher.

Note: you need this table to make sense of the rules of play for variations of the basic strategy.

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