Online Blackjack School - lesson 15

Double down playDouble down play is a terrific way to make money in Blackjack when played correctly. To make this play in the correct manner the True Count must agree with the play. If it is against the play, do not DD. Players that are not aware of the count take the worst of it as far as the odds of the play working. Playing wrong increases the house edge, which is a dumb way to play Blackjack.

Since a DD only allows for one more card on the players hand, the deck should be rich in high cards and low in low cards. If it is not in this configuration, then just hit the hand and play accordingly based on the new hand total. The correct play is al\way determined by the configuration of the remaining cards in the shoe.

The following chart is critical to understanding this relationship

A-2 vs. 4 Double at 7. (Got this? Basic strategy says to HIT A-2 against a 4, but if the true count is 7 or higher, you should double.)
A-2 vs. 5 Double at 0. (Don't get confused here. Basic strategy says DOUBLE A-2 against a 5, but if the count is at all negative, just hit it; double only when the count is 0 or higher.)
A-2 vs. 6 Double at -2. (or higher. As long as the count remains above -2, you'll double; once it goes lower than -2, you'll just hit --- then hopefully leave the table if the count doesn't improve.)
A-3 vs. 4 Double at 6.
A-3 vs. 5 Double at -2.
A-4 vs. 4 Double at 0.
A-7 vs. 2 Double at 2.
A-8 vs. 4 Double at 5.
A-8 vs. 5 Double at 2.
A-8 vs. 6 Double at 1.
A-9 vs. 5 Double at 6.
A-9 vs. 6 Double at 5.
8 vs. 5 Double at 6.
8 vs. 6 Double at 3.
9 vs. 2 Double at 2.
9 vs. 3 Double at -1
9 vs. 7 Double at 6.
10 vs. 9 Double at -2.
11 vs. A Double at 1.

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