Online Blackjack School - lesson 17

learned through practiceThe best way to become a good card counter is to practice and then learn the playing rules so well that there is no delay in your play as you know exactly what to do based on your hand the dealerĺs show card and the count. This can only be learned through practice and playing time. There is no other way to learn how to be a good player and counter. You need to be accurate and also build up speed so you can stay up with a fast dealing dealer who is really flipping out he cards and turning the players hits in rapid succession. There are many charts on the Net that show the player hand vs the dealer show card and what the action should be in that situation.

Whatever chart you use should fit in with what we have shown in this lesson group and with the variations that the True Count brings about in hitting hands and DD vs show cards. This is an important consideration as these variations are very lucrative when they are employed when the count is high or low to the extreme.

Knowing what to do at all times and being able to do this quickly only comes with practice and play. The player must not use guesses and hunches to play well.

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