Online Blackjack School - lesson 18

Single deck BlackjackSingle deck Blackjack is the game to play and harder to keep an accurate True Count on as the penetration divisor is harder to estimate. The count takes a little time to learn to do accurately as the cards are dealt face down in most casinos. Once this obstacle is overcome, the game itself is a snap to play except that there outrageous swings in the True Count as the number can quickly go from 1 to 4 and back. Also since there are only 52 cards the deck is rapidly dissipated before a reshuffle. This quick change in the count can be hard to get use to for a player use to playing six-deck Blackjack. Reno or Vegas are still dealing single deck at many casinos and the trip to play can be very lucrative. The house edge with the Nevada Gaming Rules for Blackjack is about 0.5%, which is quickly over come in a single deck. When the deck is very rich in high cards the player can score very easily, but remember there are not that many cards left after a few deals and the dealer can make good hands that do not need a draw. If the have to hit a breaking hand the odds are against them when the count is a high plus.

Some players use a slightly different counting system is single deck Blackjack. The card values for counting are 3-6 at +1, 7,8,9, and Ace as zero and 10s at 1

This change will give a more accurate count for the deck and therefore a better True Count. Another thing to keep track of in single deck are the four aces. When they are still in the deck and the deck is a high + then the house or the player is likely to get a Blackjack. If the dealer is showing an ace, the insurance bet is a good bet for the player no matter what hand they are holding.

The hardest part of single deck playing is figuring the True Count as the number of cards left in the deck must be estimated and then the count is divided by a fraction of a deck. This takes some practice to get good at and until you can accurately do this just watch or just play with the basic strategy and leave the more sophisticated elements alone until you can do it comfortably.

Once a player is good at single deck they should have a wonderful time, with money just coming is as long as the player stays under the radar for card counters Play well within yourself if you visit the same casino all of the time. If you only play at a casino occasionally then you can be a little bolder in the play and the counting, but still be discrete.

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