Online Blackjack School - lesson 19

Missouri RiverFor those of you living within 300-500 miles of St. Louis, Missouri; there is a casino on the banks of the Missouri River called Station Casino St. Charles.

The reason that I mention this casino is that they offer two deck Blackjack with an edge of 0.35 % based on the rules they employ for their Blackjack games. Many of the tables are $25 -$500 per hand, however there are a few that are $10 tables.

The reason that this casino is mentioned is that it is in the middle of the country and easy to get to by freeway driving. If this part of the US is your stomping grounds this beats the long trek to Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City. There are also casinos over in Oklahoma that are Indian Tribe casinos. The rules for this casinoĺs games barely give the house an edge. The Missouri licensing commission has set the rules for play so that a counter can easily keep the count and play aggressively when the decks favor the counter. The cards are dealt face up and this makes counting easy. Playing at the $10 table with a betting range of $10 to $60, the profit per two-hour session should be about 200-350 dollars on a winning session. Winning sessions are about 65% of the time using the rules that the lessons have explained The basic strategy should be used in conjunction with True Count. The True Count will be the indicator of when to increase of decrease the bet. In this case a player can get away with multiplying the minimum of $10 by the True Count of up to a maximum of $60.

Since there are casinos all over the country these days, the ability to use this system are more available than it use do be when the casinos were either out west or in Atlantic City. The reason that this casino got mentioned is that it is in a major city that is easy to get to in the geographical center of the US. The purpose of this lesson is to emphasize that the system will work in any situation once the rules are fully understood of the game that will be played. The tweaking of the system is necessary based on the house rules that set the Blackjack edge.

In bigger casino cities there will be more games to choose from and it is easier to find a game that is to your liking based on their rules and the minimum and maximum bet. Each casino sets its own rules based on what is allowed by the state gaming commission. The secret for a winning player is to accommodate the increases and decreases in bets and hands played based on the rules that are in place for the Blackjack game being played. These rules will effect the True Count which is the lode star that tells the player how much to bet and how to play the hand. But he basics are always the same. A rich deck in high cards if very likely to favor the player, while a rich deck in low cards will favor the house since the dealer will not bust out as often when forced to hit a hand under 17.

Watch a new game for a little while to make sure that you can count the deck and to see for sure that there are no unusual rules that vary from what is seen in major casinos. Single deck is the preferred game to play but multi-deck can be beaten. The penetration divisor is the important difference in the game when coming up with the True Count.

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