Online Blackjack School - lesson 4

Hi Low or Plus MinusAs stated in Lesson Three the Hi Low or Plus Minus system uses a point system that comes from the face value of each card. The values are listed as follows:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = +1

7, 8, 9 = 0

10, J, Q, K, A = -1

The player ads the values of the cards together as they are dealt and then shown in the course of play. A deck that has used a large number of small cards will automatically be a plus deck and visa versa. When a deck is rich in high cards the player is favored and when the deck is rich in low cards, the dealer is favored. The reason that a deck that is rich in low cards favors the dealer is simple to explain. Low cards do not bust a dealers break hand and can make it unbeatable. When the high cards are still in the deck, the situations changes and the players are favored. They are more likely to be dealt a high card to a double down or a single face card. If the dealer has a break hand, there is a good chance that the hit card will bust the dealerĺs hand. Both of these situations are favorable to the player. A full deck is what is called a balanced count as the pluses and minuses are equal.

The fastest way to learn to count the deck is to go through a shuffled deck, less three cards and add and subtract the cards as they are exposed. When the deck is finished, the total should equal the value of the three cards that were set aside.

When a player can count the deck without error and do it in just about one half a minute or less, they have learned the counting system. They should be able to put this to use in a real game with practice. Remember in counting that minuses and pluses when added together give a zero answer. So three minus cards and four plus cards would end up with a plus one or one. The plus is assumed. When three plus cards and four minus cards are added together the result is M1, with the M standing for minus.

When a player can do this time and again with no errors, the real game counting should be attempted. When this can be done error free, the real money game is the next target. When the speed and accuracy are very close to perfect, the real fun is about to begin. This system coupled with basic strategy makes the game of Blackjack very venerable to the play of solid card counters. This is ample reason for the casinos to be on the lookout for these card counters Percentage players who can count to are very hard to beat when left alone to play the game of Blackjack without fear of being barred from the casino. As it turns out this is the casinos only defense if they wish to keep dealing Blackjack to the suckers who play this simple game so poorly.

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