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Gaming Club Casino went live in 1995, which makes it one of the oldest casino sites on the Internet. This site features over 300 games, with a great selection of slot games as well as most of the popular table games. The new player Has so many choices when they first go online, they may have to resort to eany-miny- mo to pick a game to play first. This is one of the reasons this older site is still going strong after so many years on the Net.

Gaming Club has an added advantage, as it is a member of the Belle Rock Entertainment Group, which has a respected record in the online casino market. When a group like this backs a casino, the player should feel safer about their money and the way the casino is run.

Gaming Club CasinoThe slots offer a significant choice of progressives and regular slots games. Since this is an older online casino this is what you would expect, as the older casinos went after the slot players and the other casino games were of a lesser importance for these early online gaming sites. That has changed since the beginning of online gambling. The other standard casino games are now present on most sites, as is the case with Gaming club.

The casino has weekly tournaments that attract players as some of these tournaments have guaranteed prizes that go for up to $20,000. This is a great incentive for players to come online and play at Gaming Club.

The bonus on the first deposit is 100% up to $100 and further deposits may get a bonus too, if the site offers a special bonus situation. The deposit and withdrawal methods can be completed using credit cards or e-wallets like Neteller or Click2Pay. Withdrawals are faster using Neteller or Clck2Pay on this site as it is on other sites.

Gaming Club CasinoCustomer support Gaming Club Casino is available via phone, email or Live Chat. Players want speed and correct answers. When they contact the support services, they expect to get answers to the questions they ask. These answers are given at the Gaming Club Casino by a staff that is well trained and knows what they are talking about. Customer like casino support to have a quick response time.

Like some of the other casinos that were started around this time, the site has a loyal base of players that are happy with the site and will help to keep it doing well in the casino wars. When a casino passes the player count needed to keep it in the black, new players are just the icing on the cake.

Active players on this site are awarded special incentives to play in special games and in restricted tournament. This is really a thank you for supporting the site and staying with the casino as an active player. These kinds of players are like gold to any casino and help it stay healthy.

Players that go to this casino for their gaming pleasure are not going to be disappointed as these older casinos know how to take care of their players. Their longevity in the fiercely competitive world is proof that they know what to do and how to do it. As with any casino there are suggestions that could make it better, but all a player needs to do is send an email to the management about an idea they would like to see. Management of a casino like this one would look at any such idea and give it real consideration. This site may not be the best online, but it is a fair site to try.

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