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Millionaire Casino theme can be described in just one word. It is a site built around elegance. The site is visually distinctive and few sites in the online gaming universe can match their elegant graphics. The first money item a player sees at this site is the bonus that can be up to $5000. This is split up into the first three deposits, with a breakdown of up to $2000 match on the first deposit and $1000 match on the next and $2000 on the last deposit. That makes for a lot of free money for the new player to this site.

Millionaire CasinoIn the early days of the casino the players were invited to play at the online site, with high rollers given preference in the invitation. Later as the rules became more stringent for online play, the site opened up with acceptance of players at large. Currently they even allow US player to play on their site.

Millionaire Casino offers all types of gaming that you see online such as slots, progressive slots, table games and Video Poker. The table games include roulette, Blackjack. Baccarat and some of the less popular table games.

The site is noted for running all kinds of tournaments each month. Their tournament schedule is full of Blackjack tournaments, slot tournaments and poker tournaments. Currently this site runs more tournaments than any other online casino. This gaming schedule attracts new players and keeps the existing players coming back to the site.

Funding of an account or making withdrawals can be completed using a variety of methods. These methods include credit cards, Neteller and Moneybookers to name a few. Withdrawing of the bonus money must meet the rules that are stated about bonus money. Read the rules for yourself to see if you qualify for the withdrawal. Players would be wise to time their further deposits with the bonus schedule the site has posted in the cashier section.

Millionaire CasinoMillionaire Casino can still be considered a high rollers casino as the limits on wagers cover a wide range of bets. Small betters and large betters can find a game that suits their risk tolerance. The comfort level of players is as important as the games the site offers. Millionaire Casino understands this element of online gaming with their betting schedule. Then there are always the progressive jackpot slots that could make any player richer than they were before they came to play. Winning one of these jackpots could be life changing for many of the players of these slots. It happens all of the time at some online casino and it certainly could result from one spin here.

Players at every casino have questions from time to time and the casino has to be prepared to answer these questions in a timely manner. The solution at this casino is to have staff available 24/7 to answer the phone or respond to the emails from the customers. This casino does a good job in this area.

Like many of these original sites this one is like a good wine and has improved with age. The site rewards active players with a loyalty points program. The more active a player is online, the more points they will receive for their play. The player can use the points in a few different ways. Merchandise can be purchased, special games can be played using these points and they can be converted to cash.

If a player likes to gamble online then the obvious step is to find a casino that has the games and runs a fair gaming system. Millionaire tries very hard to be that type of casino for new players and the ones that already call the site home.

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