Best Tips for a Winning Day At the Blackjack Tables

Best Tips for a Winning Day
At the Blackjack Tables

Poker or slots are the only casino games that rival Blackjack in popularity with the casino player. As far as table games go, there is no contest as to which is the most played game by the gaming public.

One of the reasons that Blackjack is a favorite with the players is it is a game of skill and can be beaten when certain configurations of the shoe are present. A shoe that is rich in high cards and low in low cards is favorable to the players.

The following tips are worth putting into play by a player when playing the game of Blackjack

Double Down when your two dealt cards total nine if the dealer is showing any of these cards, a three, a four, a five or a six. If the players cards total ten, then double down against any card but an Ace or a ten. If the total is eleven then double down against all cards showing except an Ace.

Do not take Insurance unless the decks are rich in high cards, particularly ten-value cards.

Always split Aces.

Never split ten-value cards.

A soft 17 should be hit when the dealers show card is a ten. Standing on this hand is a low percentage play.

Hit a soft 13 thru 17 when the dealer show a seven or higher.

Do not hit when a hand of three cards totals a soft 13-17

Double Down when the total is a soft 13-17 if the dealer shows a five or a six.

Double Down on a soft 17 if the dealer shows a three.

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