Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack Etiquette

Every casino game has basic rules of etiquette that are followed by the players. Some are house rules and some are just a time-honored way of doing things. Blackjack has its set of rules just like other casino games. Players that are aware of the etiquette are less likely to make mistakes that are embarrassing to them when made at a casino Blackjack table. The dealer deals the cards and only the dealer can place the dealt cards in front of the players. If the player hands are dealt face up only the dealer can touch the dealt cards. If they are dealt face down, the player may pick them up with one hand and decide what to do with the hand. When it is their turn to play the scratch the table for a hit or signal that they want to stand. If they wish to split the cards or double down, this is announced to the dealer and the dealer deals the cards or card. If the player does not want a hit they wave their hand over the cards with the palm down. This distinct hand motion will stop any further cards being dealt to the players hand. If the cards are being held by the player, the scratching signals for a hit and the placing of the cards under the wager is a signal that the player wishes to stop taking hits. If the hand is busted when taking a hit, over 21 in total count, the cards are turned face up for the dealer to see that the hand is busted. The dealer will take the cards and the wager for the losing hand.

At the end of the dealing the hands are compared with the dealer and those that beat the dealer are paid and those that lost have their wagers and the cards removed from the playing circle in front of them.

Criticizing other player play is not tolerated at first class casinos. If you do not like the way a player plays, leave the table. One thing a player can do to prevent a bad third base player is to take that seat for his or her own play. Third base is the last player to receive cards from the dealer.

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