Understanding Blackjack Terminology


Each casino game has its own rules, its special terminology and Blackjack certainly has its own rules. Terms of any casino game are important to learn as that is part of becoming a good player and specifically a good Blackjack player

Blackjack A Blackjack is a specific hand that consists of an Ace and any of the three face cards or a ten. This hand can be tied, but cannot be beat.

Burn Card The burn card is the card the dealer deals to the discard rack from a newly shuffled deck. This action starts the hand for any Blackjack game.

Bust The term bust refers to a playerís hand or dealerís hand that exceeds a total count of 21. The hand is a bust when this occurs.

Card Counter A card counter is a Blackjack player who keeps track of the cards as they are dealt and counts the high cards and low cards. They do this to gain an advantage over the house.

Cold Streak A cold streak is a series of losing hands by the player or the dealer.

Comps A casino rewards players of high value by giving them free rooms, free meals and show tickets to attract them to the casino

Cut Card A cut card is given to a player to cut the shuffled deck. It is usually a colored plastic card.

Double Down Double Down is a special bet, which means to double an original bet based on the playerís cards and accepting the restriction of one more dealt card to the hand.

Hit When a player wants another card dealt to their hand they ask for a hit.

Hole Card The hole card is the dealerís card that is dealt face down.

Hot Streak When a player or the dealer wins hand after hand.

Insurance When the dealer has an Ace up the player can make a side bet that the dealer would have a Blackjack.

Marker A marker is an IOU or a credit line with the casino.

Odds The odds are the chances of any result happening in a coming event.

Pit The Pit is the open area that is surrounded by gaming tables.

Pit Boss A Pit Boss is a supervisor of the games that surround the pit.

Push A push is a tie between the player hand and the dealer hand.

Shill A shill is a house player that is paid by the casino.

Shoe A shoe is an oblong box used to hold multiple decks that are then dealt from the shoe.

Soft Hand A soft hand is a hand that contains an Ace and usually a small card. The Ace can be a one or eleven in value.

Split A two-card hand with cards of equal value like eights. This hand can be split into two separate hands.

Stand A player elects to not hit a hand.

Stiff A hand that totals between 12-16.

Sucker Player A player that is clueless about how to play correctly.

Surrender Some casinos allow a player to surrender a bad two-card hand for half of their original bet.

Twenty-one A hand that totals 21 with as many cards as the player hits. This is not the same as a Blackjack.

Unit A Unit is the table minimum bet.

Up Card A dealerís face up card that is dealt at the beginning of the hand.

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