The Exciting World of Blackjack Tournaments

The Exciting World
of Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments have gained in popularity at live casinos. Many of these casinos use these tournaments to attract players in for a special weekend. Tournaments are fun to play and the prizes have grown as their popularity has increased over time. Bragging rights about winning one of the larger tournaments is as important to the players as the money the tournament awards the winner.

Blackjack tournaments have restrictive rules about the time of play, the number of hands that are played and the amount that can be bet. The starting stake is set at an amount that allows for aggressive play, but does not make the tournament drag on or be won by sand bagging the play. Eliminations from a tournament are simple to understand, when a player loses their original stake they are finished in the tournament.

Two hours of playing time per session is somewhat standard for these tournaments. This means that to win one of these tournaments takes strategy, luck and good timing. The short time frames for these tournaments makes the skill factor important, but not the only factor that will determine the winner.

The tournament is played at a series of tables and the winner of each table advances to an ever-decreasing number of tables, until the final table is set with the players that have been good enough and lucky enough to survive until that point.

When a player is eliminated the chips that the player has accumulated may be more than they started with. In this case the tournament may not have cost anything to play in. At the final table the tournament may come down to the final hand and this puts intense pressure on the player to strategize the play of the last few hands. Some players will gamble and some will be very conservative in their play. The winner of the tournament is awarded the cash prize and a very nice trophy.

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