Casual Card Counting Brings Success At Blackjack

Casual Card Counting
Brings Success
At Blackjack

Card counting in Blackjack is a time tested and proven way to beat the game. Real card counting is not easy to do and takes hours of practice to become proficient at it. Casual counting on the other hand is less vigorous to learn and can be put into practice by most players. The secret to this form of counting is to just keep track of the high cards that have been dealt. A deck that is rich in Aces or ten-value cards is very favorable to the player, as the dealer will have a difficult draw on hands that can be busted by one card. In this situation of a high percentage the low cards being dealt already, the player should increase their bet and double down against any break card the dealer is showing.

This play can win in to ways at the player can make a good hand and the dealer has a high percentage toward busting the hand.

When the deck gets to an extreme on remaining high cards and Aces, the player should play more hands or raise their bet or both. When the odds favor the player that is the time to risk more money in the game. There are no guarantees with this method, but it is better than hunches and playing by feel in the long run.

When the deck is full of low cards, the player should avoid insurance and doubling down on high cards. Both of these bets are not with the percentages for the draw. Just knowing the makeup a deck with casual counting will increase the players chances of winning Blackjack sessions.

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