Card Counting at the Blackjack Table

Card Counting
at the Blackjack Table

The myths and facts that surround card counting at Blackjack are legion. The first myth is players that count cards are memorizing every card dealt. The fact is that is not true, the counter only knows which group of cards is rich in the remaining cards in the shoe. When the shoe is rich in Aces and ten-value cards, the shoe favors the player. When the remaining cards in the shoe are rich in the cards between two and six, the shoe favors the dealer. Card counting does not guarantee a winning blackjack hand; it only suggests that the shoe favors one side or the other. When a shoe is rich in Aces and ten-value cards, the player would be wise to take insurance when the dealerĺs show card is an Ace. In this situation over 100 hands, the player would come out a head in money won versus money lost.

Card counting does not provide a way to tell which card will be dealt next, but it does provide which cards in a group are likely to be dealt next. A shoe rich in cards from one group or the other is likely to have a card from that group dealt next. When the odds of this happening are high, the player may have an advantage or the dealer may have and advantage. The advantage of the shoe can be used to increase or decrease bets made by the player.

With practice, the player can become very accurate about the make up of the remaining cards in a shoe. When the HILO number is at an extreme, the player knows whether to bet heavy or back off. Computer analysis of decks with certain configurations has proven that the odds of winning are directly effected by this make up of remaining cards in the shoe. When this edge is in the player favor, the card-counting player will try to get more money into the bets by increasing the wagers on hands, playing more hands and doubling down as often as the cards suggest that this is the correct play.

The basic rule is bet small when confronted with a shoe that favors the dealer and bet large when the shoe is favoring the player. This is all there is to card counting and how it is supposed to be used. The Internet is filled with sites that explain this method of playing Blackjack. Read and practice the art of card counting, if you want an edge when playing Blackjack.

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