Tips For Choosing The Best Blackjack Table

Tips For Choosing
The Best Blackjack Table

Choosing a Blackjack table is a matter of luck for most players. However, there are tips about picking a table that may give the player an edge due to a cold dealer.

One simple method is to walk around the casino and look for a table that has a low amount of chips in the dealerĺs chip rack. This could mean that the dealer has been cold and players have won the missing chips. This is not as radical as it sounds as many old time gamblers swear by this method of table picking.

Another method for finding a table that may have a cold dealer at work is the table with a number of happy, smiling and noisy players. This may give the player a clue that the dealer is not having a good day for the casino.

Of course if you can count cards and are a percentage player, this is not as necessary as it is for a player that is relying on luck alone to win. Peak hours of a casino are not the best time to find these lucky tables, as the slots at tables will be at a premium. Try the two methods and see if they will work for your game.

One final way to find a winning table for the players is to look for a table with players with a large number of chips. This may or may not be valid, but luck is with the beholder.

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