Cluster Counting Strategies For Winning Blackjack

Cluster Counting
For Winning Blackjack

Card Counting is something every Blackjack player has heard about and even read about. The problem with most players is they are not willing to put in the time in order to learn how to count cards. There is another way to figure when a deck may be ready to deal a number of high cards and aces. Sometimes when a game is being played, these specific cards seem to come in clusters. The observant player sees this and notices the section of the discard rack they are placed in and then where they are in the deck when it is shuffled and cut. This obviously takes an amount of practice to do with any certainty.

When the next deck is started the player raises their bet when the section is coming up and lowers it when the non-rich part of the deck is going to be dealt. This takes very good observations to pull off and it is something that the player will have to practice to get right. If a player can pull it off it is a much easier method of playing a deck than counting all of the cards. Before putting this idea in play the player should try to see if they can do it in practice on a small bet table or just watch the deck to see if you were able to keep track of the high card section of the cards being shuffled. If this is done successfully the player can try the idea with real money at a low level. One other fact about this idea, in a multi-deck shoe the clusters may be in more than one section of the shoe.

This method of counting is not easy and takes practice to put in play. Another fact is some casinos have gone to automatic shufflers and racks that are hard to keep track of the dealt cards. When this happens, the idea is not valid any more.

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