Blackjack Strategies for Increasing the Odds

Blackjack Strategies
for Increasing the Odds

Odds are the key to every gambling game in a casino. The edge that the house has is important to know about any game the player is considering playing. There are games that have a huge advantage over the player and there are games like dice, baccarat and Blackjack with a very low house edge when played correctly.

Common sense and betting strategy can improve the odds in favor of the player. There are situations in Blackjack where the odds for the game can switch to the player for a short period of time. This is the result of a shoe holding mostly high cards and Aces after a few hands have been dealt. This is why players count cards to make sure they know why a shoe is favoring either side of the play. The house edge at the beginning of a shoe is only about 0.5 percent in favor of the house. As the hands are dealt, the percentage can become more in favor of the house or more in favor of the player as a result of the cards remaining in the shoe to still to be dealt.

The edge can be figured out at any point in the shoe by knowing the makeup of the remaining cards that have not been dealt. This takes skill and concentration to do accurately and then put into play correctly. Distractions while playing are deadly to good card counting. The player must stay focused on the dealing of the cards at all costs. This takes discipline and patience to do right. This skill takes hours of practice to consistently do right. For those with this ability to stay focused on the counting this can be a moneymaking effort that can be repeated again and again. Once learned, counting can be consistently worked at a very high level of accuracy. It is the accuracy of the count than makes this strategy so powerful in the hands of a player. Proper betting is also important when the shoe is favorable to the player. When both of these actions are done at the same time, the odds are with the player and not the house.

For these reasons, there is ample appeal to learning how to do this and then put the skill into practice at a real money table. There is one more factor that needs to be done by the player, do not be obvious that the card counting is going on or the house may bar the player from the casino. Playing is a casino is a privilege and not a right. This is the ruling by the Nevada high court in a case where a casino barred a player for counting.

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