Increasing Your Odds at the Blackjack Table

Increasing Your Odds
at the Blackjack Table

Gambling is all about odds and playing the percentages in any game that the casino offers. Some games have fixed odds that are not affected by what the player does and others like Blackjack are readily changed due to the flow of the cards. A shoe that is devoid of low cards is heavily in favor of the player. The opposite is true when the high cards have been dealt. Blackjack takes skill and experience to play well so the percentages work in the favor of the player. When proper betting schemes are used along with card counting the edge moves over to the player. This tipping of the odds is not by accident and can be used to make better plays and better bets in the game. Strategies that have been developed using card counting have led the way to tipping the odds away from the house and toward the players at the table.

There are elements of Blackjack that should be looked for when deciding which table to play. The table minimum should be noted and the number of decks being used in the game. Single deck games are the game to play if you can find a game with a betting range that is within your gaming budget. New players to the game should use minimum bet tables to learn the game. These tables are an excellent game to try out a system tweak.

Another area that should be looked at is the rules on Double Downs and splitting pairs. Both of these plays work to the players advantage if the deck is in the players favor. Tables with no limits on these plays are the tables that should be played on. There is no winning guarantee, but the odds are favorable at times and these plays are moneymakers under those conditions.

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