Blackjack Strategies Learning to Count Cards

Blackjack Strategies
Learning to Count Cards

Blackjack is one of the most appealing games offered in a casino. Players seem to flock to this game in droves. Blackjack appears to be a simple game, but that is an illusion that covers a very complex game. It is far more than a game where the player counts to 21.

Counting Cards is a serious way to beat the game and gain an edge over the house in playing percentage. There are all types of card counting systems on the Internet. Some are very complex and some are easier to learn and use. Some of them worked before the casinos started defending against counting by changing the way they dealt or played the game. Then they were made worthless. Card counting depends on the players ability to pull off the necessary skills needed to do the counting and use the count properly in their play.

Single deck Blackjack is the best form of Blackjack to play and count down of the various versions of Blackjack that casinos offer. Card counting of a six-deck shoe takes hours of practice to do right and some players do not have the ability or the temperament to do this rigorous exercise.

There is no system that guarantees a winner in Blackjack, but there are ways to gain an edge over the house and percentage play takes advantage of this reversal of odds. There is no doubt however that the system of card counting is a way to gain an edge in the game and make the game favor the player. Gaming is all about small edges in a game. Over time this edge accumulates in favor of the players.

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