Techniques for Upping the Odds At Blackjack

Techniques for Upping
the Odds At Blackjack

Upping the odds in favor of the player is a goal that every player seeks when playing Blackjack. While learning the game, a player should play well within their bankroll, as they are likely to make some serious playing mistakes while they are learning the correct way to play.

There is no strategy that will give a player a winning hand every deal. The best that a player can hope for is a strategy that makes the deck more favorable to the player and less favorable to the house or dealer. Playing sound basic blackjack that is always a percentage play and not by feel or hunches is the way to gain a small edge sometimes on the dealer. Another way to up the odds in favor of the player is count the cards as they are dealt. When the deck is rich in high cards, the player has an edge that makes the dealer the underdog in the odds on the game.

Playing time gains playing experience and this in the long run is a factor in winning. Knowing the time to hit and the time to stand is also part of the learning curve. Most players are better off at this stage of learning to play at a minimum bet table so the learning is kept as low in cost as possible.

Two other areas that make winning easier is to play in games that are single deck. The more decks the dealer has to draw from, the higher their odds are for making the bust hand work. This is highly probable when the deck is rich in low cards. The other idea is seek out casinos and games where the rules for the game are most favorable to the player. This means being to double down at any time and resplit splits when they get paired on the draw.

Favorable rules and the lowest number of decks in the casino are excellent ways to up the odds in favor of the player. Looking for these situations makes a lot of sense when playing Blackjack.

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