Blackjack Terms Splitting the Hand

Blackjack Terms
Splitting the Hand

Splitting pairs is one of the better ways to increase the wins in Blackjack. In the middle of the hand, the player is allowed to increase their bet in a situation that may be a lock if the shoe is extremely favorable and the dealer has a bust hand showing.

Each casino has its own set of rules about splitting pairs. Some will allow further splits if the two cards are hit with another card that allows for a further split. Other casinos only allow the first split. When the pair being split is aces, each Ace will only receive one card and there is no further betting on the Aces. Any other pair are treated like any hand and can be hit as often as the player wishes.

When the pair is split, the player will double up the bet and if both hands beat the dealer or the dealer ends up with a busted hand, the profit is double what it would have been without the split. If the deck is favoring the dealer, meaning there are more low cards in the remaining cards in the shoe, the player may elect not to split if the dealer is showing a big card. This is one big advantage of knowing the make up of the remaining cards in the shoe.

Split Aces are not eligible for a Blackjack if the hit card is a ten-value card. Even though the total is 21 in two cards, the payoff is one to one instead of three to two. Also Aces are only allowed to receive one hit and no more. However the power of splitting in the correct situation is a winner for the player as far as the odds are concerned.

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