Understanding the World of Blackjack

Understanding the World
of Blackjack

Blackjack is the one game that casinos offer that can be beaten six or seven times out of ten. This is why so many players take the time to learn card counting and how to play perfect percentage Blackjack. The play of Blackjack in the real world if dominated by players that are to lazy to learn to play correctly and there are only a few players out of each hundred that play perfect percentage Blackjack. Watch any table and you will see players playing badly and giving the house a bigger edge.

This situation can be rectified by just a little reading and practice at a play game to eliminate the bad plays and make the correct plays at the right time. In order to join the ranks of solid players, a new player must know the rules and the odds on the deck at any time during the shoe. They must know when to split and when to double down. Finally they must know when to increase their bets and when to back off to a lower level of betting or to just walk away from the table.

Experience and strategy of play are the hallmarks of good play. Unfortunately this can only be really learned in the heat of battle or in the game itself. Winning play reinforces the strategy of good play and making the correct decisions at the right time.

Play for free or for very small stakes when learning to play and make your mistakes at a low cost in real money.

The best time to learn, of course, is before you have money on the table. If you wait to learn the game until you have money at stake your blackjack education could be quite a costly one indeed. The better strategy is to go online and learn all you can about the game, and to find some places where you can play blackjack for free. Many online casinos offer some sort of free blackjack money, and this is a great way to get started without playing with your real money.

After you have gained some experience and some confidence, the next step is to start playing with real money on the table. For those blackjack players just starting out, it is a good idea to start with the lowest coin tables you can find. Starting small will help you gain the confidence you will need to move up to the bigger tables. In addition, playing with small money will ensure that it will be easy for your wallet to recover from any common beginner mistakes.

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