Understanding the Blackjack Tournaments

Understanding the Blackjack

Players are flocking to Blackjack tournaments these days, as the playing public loves the competition and the prize money. The younger players seem to find these tournaments particularly to their liking, probably due to the fact that the cost of playing in one of these tournaments is very modest.

The tournament usually has a time limit, a limit on the number of hands played and a restriction on the total money any player can use in a tournament. When a player loses their original stake, they are eliminated from the tournament and cannot rebuy.

Most tournaments have a two-hour time limit This short time limit adds luck to the equation and skill level is less important. Playing technique while important is not a major factor on who wins the tournament. This also accounts for the popularity of these tournaments.

Each table of play only has one winner and the winners advance to an ever-decreasing number of tables until there is only a final table. The non-winners of any round are allowed to keep any chips they may still have and in some cases this may result in a profit from the tournament even though they did not win.

When the players for the final table are known, they are then seated and play for the top prize money and a trophy of some kind.

These blackjack tournaments are great crowd builders for the casino and are looked forward to by the players. A big tournament with a substantial prize will draw many players to the casino. Money and bragging rights are a powerful incentive to come and play.

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