Winning Strategies for Playing Blackjack

Winning Strategies
for Playing

Knowing the rules of Blackjack at the casino you will play at is the first step toward being a winning Blackjack player. At the beginning of a shoe the dealer has the edge in the game. As the cards are dealt, the edge can stay with the dealer or move in favor of the player. This is where a player wishes to get to during the dealing of a shoe.

There are considerations that should be taken by anyone that is going to play in a casino or online. Set a maximum loss limit for any one session and if it is reached, the player should quit for a while and try later or another day. Playing a solid percentage game will help a player stay away from the loss limit. This winning strategy has many parts and they are not just about playing a hand. The loss limit idea is one such element of a winning strategy.

Other basic rules are do not play at a table that has a minimum bet of more than 5% of your stake.

Look for tables that allow doubling down on any two cards and respliting of pairs. You want the dealer to be required to stand on soft 17. On a bust possible hand it is only possible to win if the dealer bust too. However playing for the dealer to bust could be influenced by the current shoe count.

If the dealer shows a card of eight or better, the player should hit any hand that is 17 or less. Any hand that totals eleven or higher should be stood on if the dealer is showing a four, five or six. The dealer will bust this hand over 40 percent of the time.

Any time the player hand can be reasonably doubled down, the player should take the play. These extra wins can make a session a winner over time. This option is an important play in the player arsenal of plays at a Blackjack table.

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